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17 January 2011 @ 01:07 am
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The last one and a half week, after travelling back to our apartment some 100 european miles from where we celebrated the holidays, I have been immersed in that swamp that is studying. A wonderful swamp (really, I -LIKE- being a student, a lot) most of the time, but this time I had a test coming up and hadn't studied anything at all during the holidays... Wrote the test yesterday and it went well though, so with that course finished (another one coming up on monday, but it'll be less intense in the beginning) I can FINALLY focus on other things, such as finishing the commission for eski as soon as I can. .____.

It's good to finally feel like I have the time to do stuff like drawing, cleaning the apartment, gaming, taking long walks with the dog, taking long walks all by myself, drawing, doing a lot of brainless stuff on the internet, et cetera. In short, my days aren't all "study study study short break to keep sane study study study repeat" any more!

To celebrate, I bought a tv. Second hand. For 450 SEK (about 70 bucks), including a furniture thingie for it to stand on. The guy threw a dvd-player in there too, for free, because he wanted to get rid of it. Ayup. I also ordered a Playstation 3. It'll arrive this week and I'll go pick upp Assassin's Creed II on monday. Do feel free to recommend more games to me! I've liked stuff like Arkham Asylum, Ass Creed Brotherhood, Price of Persia, Portal, and ... stuff.

Okay enough with the rambling. I haven't produced much finished art at all, but I have somehow found the time to sketch, and I did colour two portraits digitally. HERE IT ALL IS. ART >8UCollapse )
26 December 2010 @ 12:00 am
"Catching up on things" bullet list:

- THESE PAST FEW DAYS HAVE BEEN AWESOME. It's great to see the family again, my dog and their new dog are getting along awesomely (they are extra adorable when they drink out of the same waterbowl at the same time), I've been stuffing my face with all sorts of holiday edibles and have enjoyed taking walks in this home town of mine again.

- I've also been stealing my brother's xbox 360 as often as I can... I aim to finish ass creed brotherhood during my stay here. I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying that game, I even bough ACII on cdon.com because it costs 60 SEK - not even 10 bucks.

- Happy belated birthday croaky! Keep on rockin' <3

- Happy whatever to all of you! Whatever you did or did not celebrate and no matter how you did it, I hope you've all had a great time thus far. Even if you celebrate nothing at all in no way at all I hope you had a great time, because GREAT TIMES ARE AWESOME. All times should be great times. Fuck yeah.

- Also I love all of you. <3
02 December 2010 @ 07:45 am
Ok guys, I'm hereby taking you all witness; for the next three weeks (that is, from approx dec 3rd to dec 22nd) I won't eat any chips, candy or the likes.

I've made promises like this countless times this past year and I've always, ALWAYS managed to screw up, so this is just going to sound like I'm setting myself up for another round of failing to keep it, but I think that it'll be easier to manage if I have a set date for when this abstinence will cease (which will be when I set foot in my parent's house on december 22nd - when I arrive at home to celebrate christmas) and if I keep in mind that I get the worst urges during weekends (because hey, during weekends you're supposed to be at home, chillax and stuff your face with unhealthy things, right?) and so make plans for cooking glorious weekend foods or baking good bread or some such stuff instead of buying snacks.

The one sole exception is that I'll be allowed to eat some saffron buns. I bought some of that ready-made dough stuff, see, that I planned to bake next week - bought it before I made this here decision. It'll generate about 25 buns and I'll share with Xhakhal, and when we're out of them I won't make any more.

SO YEAH. Let's fucking make it this time. Cheer me on will ya. I might get whiny at times (sugar/salt cravingsss) but I know it'll pass and I'll save a lot of money and feel better. If I succeed I'll get myself some nice, rewarding Christmas gift - like that pretty figurine of the Piglady of SAW or of Leatherface, for example...

15 November 2010 @ 08:46 pm

Prices includes shipping anywhere on Earth. (not to space, sorry)
Payment via paypal (eller, om du bor i Sverige, direkt via bank).

- Portraits/Simple scenes. ca 8x12 cm (ca 3x4¾ inches). SA-M-PL-ES. Gouache on 240g aquarelle paper. No background (as in, a non-figurative colour wash) or a simple background. 30 USD (+10 USD per additional character)

- Action figures! ca 15 cm (6 inches) Full-body character in an action/moving pose (or just standing around, if you'd prefer it). SAM-PLES. Gouache on 240g aquarelle paper. Plain white background or simple colour wash. 30 USD

- Little dudes. ca 10 cm (ca 5 inch) in height). SAMPLES. Liner pen, Gouache and/or watercolour on 240g aquarelle paper, laminated. Includes a very simple paper contraption that makes them stand upright. 15 USD (20 USD for a couple, as seen on second and fifth sample images)

Comment here, note me or send me an e-mail at wursu@hotmail.com or wera.olsson@hotmail.com !

- I draw pretty much anything - characters (human, humanoid, furry, mythological, animal, robot, alien, pie, etc), pet portraits, nature, scenery, porn, designs, surrealism, impressionism, you name it.
- Want an A5 or A4 painting, a lineart, a sketch or something else? Tell me, and we'll work something out, or wait until paintings and linearts and stuff are officially listed above - they will be soon!
- Want to buy an original from my gallery? Ask! A lot of them are for sale.